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    At Rodeo TUFF, we design modern western fashion that embraces the spirit and culture behind those that exemplify courage in various ways, including extreme sports.  It's this true grit that is bountiful in the world of Rodeo, the original North American extreme sport.  It takes an abundance of courage, strength, pride and perseverance to succeed in an arena where the odds of failure are stacked high against you.

   We believe the Rodeo TUFF spirit exists in all of us and is what drives us to push forward in life.  To fight through adversities and continue on to fulfill our destination and desires.  Life is not always fair, sometimes we get hurt, and it can be downright ugly, but yet we must dig deep inside for that courage to carry on and to ultimately win.

   We all have different roles in life and it doesn't matter where you're from, what job you do, whether you're raising a family, or pursuing a sport or passion.  We get up every day and do what we must to keep moving our lives forward with the faith in a better and brighter future.  So wear Rodeo TUFF proudly, and know you are not alone, you're one of us and we ride together!